Tree Surgery

Intelligent tree management

Crown Thinning

This technique, usually quoted in percentage terms, aims to thin the canopy of the tree to let more light both into and through the canopy. This can improve the trees health by eliminating competing branches within the crown and can also help to alleviate dense shadows cast by the crown.

Crown Reduction

This technique reduces the overall physical dimensions of the crown, making the tree canopy smaller. It is often carried out in conjunction with Crown Thinning to achieve the required result.


Typically seen in street trees, all the tip growth is removed, leaving the trunk with a few evenly spaced branches, which will sprout with new twiggy shoots. This technique is used more commonly amongst Lime, Ash and Plain trees with re-pollarding usually being carried out every 2-5 Years.


Complete Tree removal can be carried out either by clear felling if possible or by using dismantling techniques in more awkward situations such as lack of space, a tree overhanging a building or to avoid damage to the surrounding area. All the waste from our tree surgery operation is dealt with responsibility.

We offer a full range of tree surgery operations, all carried out to the highest standards. Tree inspections and surveys can be performed to give accurate opinions towards tree health and condition. Using this information we can suggest appropriate remedial care, if required, or discuss the options with you.

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