Complete private and commercial forest managment

Our forestry services are flexible covering all aspects of the industry. We can assess woodland and recommend a plan of work to bring the area into production. We can fell, cut to length and stack timber ready for extraction.

If you have neglected woodland, we can clear and thin as appropriate to make the most of timber that can be of value in future years.

Woodland of amenity value can be managed to provide rides and picnic areas whilst retaining the economic value of any valuable timber trees.

We are also experienced in the management of coppice. We can help clear areas and realise the economic value of the timber, whilst managing the coppice to allow it to regenerate sustainably, and encourage the habitat to re-establish a rich variety of flora and forna.

We can advise and manage the extraction or sale of hardwood timber from mature woodland. This can range from simple felling and the transfer of the butts to local sawmills, planking the butts onsite with a mobile sawmill or just producing the best economic solution for poor quality woodland via firwood or biomass fuel chips.

Our Lastes Forestry Projects.