All types of hedges and retain the style


Reduce overgrown hedge useing sevral technics


Grubbing out or stump grinding


We can advise on and plant a wide range of hedges


Hedges are a large part of any garden and it is important to keep them well maintained. Whether this is a light trim and tidy up, a reduction in size, the removal of a dead or dying hedge or the supply and planting of a new one.

We can trim all types of hedges and retain the style, whether this is formal and angular or of an informal country mixed hedge. We have long reach trimmers and access equipment which allows us to manage larger hedges.

We can reduce overgrown hedges, perhaps by topping out to a line, fast growing species like Leylandii. We can also advise on the rejuvenation of hedges giving you an honest opinion as to whether a hedge can be rescued or not. This is usually dependant on the species, as some hedges like Yew and Prunus, can re-sprout from old wood whereas other conifer hedges like Thuja, Lawson and Leylandii do not.

We can remove hedges either by grubbing out or use of a stump grinder, depending upon the location. Hedge removal maybe required due to poor planting selection in the first place or through disease issues. We can advise whether re-planting is an option, or fencing is now required.

We can advise on and plant a wide range of hedges taking account of the objective the hedge is fulfilling. This can be a barrier, security, screen, wildlife habitat, ornamental or for many other purposes. Whatever the reason species selection is critical as hedges are in situ for many, many years. Get it right first time, ask the experts, ask us!

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